Hriring in Talent and Person Ops // Design // Dystributed Systems Engineering + Research @ Informal Systems

Greetings, co-operators!

Informal Systems is a research, development, and operations company in the distributed systems space.

We have a focus on formal specification and verification of byzantine fault tolerant protocols, and operation of infrastructure in the Cosmos ecosystem. We are working to cultivate and contribute to an open-source ecosystem of cooperatively owned and governed distributed organizations running on reliable distributed systems.

We are looking to bring in members for the following roles:

  • Talent and People Operations Manager
  • Design Lead
  • Engineering
    • Rust Engineer
    • Security Engineer
    • Go Engineer
    • Research Engineer
    • Distributed Systems Researcher

Please see our careers page for details.

Most roles can be worked remote if you’re located in a suitable time zone, but we prefer worker-members to join us in one of the hubs located in Toronto, Berlin, Lausanne, or Vienna.

For information on our current organizational and governance model, please see our post Informal Organizations: Iterating on Cooperative Ownership.

If you have any questions, or would like support in preparing an application, please contact me in this thread or via direct message.

In solidarity,