How do we speak to a real human from Facebook?

Hey everyone,

We’re currently trying to integrate an ecommerce platform with the likes of eBay and Facebook to reach a wider audience for sales.

We’re having a little trouble being able to get in contact with a real human on facebook to discuss their API’s - does anyone have any experience getting in contact with them? (They certainly don’t make it easy, so far we’ve tried just raising a complaint but no dice.) - or know someone they could point us in the direction towards?


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It was suitably ironic that i read this message whilst “on hold” when waiting to talk with a human being at UPS. :smiley:

I don’t know anyone directly, but i know a couple of people that used to work at FB in the London office.

I’ll ask them if they know anyone that could help, and i’ll point them at this thread. :smiley:


That would be great thanks @BillySmith - have you had any luck?

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I left messages with them, but received no reply yet.

I’ll shout them again. :smiley:

Perfect, thanks so much!

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