Hosting a guide for starting student coops


Hi all,

my pal Taimi and myself are in the finishing stages of putting together a how-to guide for starting student coops. We are envisioning it to be hosted online in the vein of, with a pdf version available for download. As we are making no profit of of this, we were hoping to find a free web hosting solution, any suggestions?

Thanks very much!


I’d suggest GitLab pages for free hosting.


Surely such a guide ought to be hosted on no?


Oh, but doesn’t seem like anyone has updated this since 2016 which is odd because there certainly has been lots of great developments in the space since then (e.g. a whole new secondary co-op of Student Housing Co-op to help more people start Student Housing Co-ops).

I’ll endeavour to find out what is going on…


FWIW we host