Holochain project news

The Holochain project appears to be gathering steam. I think it’s worthy of attention from CoTech people given the potential for cooperative application of the technologies.
New website: https://staging.holo.host
Crowdfund initiative: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/take-back-the-internet-with-shared-p2p-hosting-money-community
Imminent hackday in Bristol: https://holochain.org/hackathons/bristol-2017/

@Graham. Thanks for this - I’ve signed myself up for the hack day.

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I came across this thread on Twitter, when researching how Holochain would work.

Could someone who knows more than me take a look and comment, please,

I’m not sure I know more than you but I read that thread and this one:

It appears to me that a core disagreement is regarding the used of identities and reputation – Holo is based on using verified identities, you have to send in photo copies of your passport / driving license etc in order to participate. Vinay does have a point regarding accidents, but I’m no expert on Ethereum or Holochain…

Strikes me that how we engage with this kind of issue could be very significant.

Here’s one idea: two disagreeing parties both seek to explain their positions, in a way that builds understanding right down to school leaver level. I mean, you don’t have to explain the most complex ideas in school-age words, but you try to chain it right down so that someone with only school level knowledge can, if they spend a reasonable amount of time, educate themselves. Like a multi-level MOOC, in a way. And can use any open educational resource as a building block.

Both sides do this on an open platform where the other side can point out publicly any weaknesses in their chain of reasoning.

That’s the way, in my mind, to informed democracy.


I would find that incredibly helpful!

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HI All,
Art and Matthew from Holochain will be presenting at OPEN 2018 at the end of the month - and Art will be running a workshop for anyone who wants to learn about building apps on Holochain - see https://2018.open.coop/sessions/building-apps-on-holochain/
You need to register in advance for this workshop - and to have registered for OPEN 2018 first - but there are still a few FREE tickets available - see https://open.coop/2018/05/25/co-op-workers-bursaries-attend-open-2018/

And if anyone wants more background on Holochain, and why it is so significant for the co-op sector, you might be interested in my blog and Q&A with Matthew: https://open.coop/2018/06/14/holochain-perfect-framework-decentralised-cooperation-scale/


PS. The facts above about ID and Holo are not quite right - you don’t need to send copies of your passport etc to participate - Vinay may have a different vision but I think he also works for Etherium so may have reasons not to like Holo…