Hiring for a Tech / PM role in a nearly-coop :-)

Hi folks,

I’m cheekily using my Aptivate account to cross-post this job post from the Sortition Foundation, another organisation I work with, which I’ve been spending a lot of time with since the pandemic. We’re working on changing the way that democracy is done, and we need some more help!

Transparency: We’re moving toward being formally employee managed and adopting a worker coop template articles of association, and we are run by consensus processes. We are not formally a cooperative at this point, and because of the relationship we want to have with potential funders, we may never get to formal cooperative status. And we feel like one :slight_smile: I hope this feels appropriate to post here.

Obviously I’m biased, and I think that a background in managing many tech projects as part of a worker coop has been ideal experience for me to contribute to this work, so I’m flagging the job here in case there are lurking people with experience of both tech and project management and want to help run an organisation, who might be similarly keen. It’s exciting stuff!

one love