Hiring a frontend developer and designer

Animorph is looking for a frontend developer and designer

About us

Animorph creates software which enhances human potential. Collaborating at the interstices of industry training, urban consultation, and medical software, we specialise in extended reality (XR). Our work takes many forms such as an immersive virtual reality experience, a wearable augmented reality rehabilitation tool, or a handheld mobile urban planning app. As a worker co-operative, Animorph exists to make the world a better place by forging productive relationships with purpose-driven organisations. We have been building together since 2016, and are excited to continue growing our team and worker co-operative as somewhere we can all thrive.

About the role

Animorph is hiring a part-time employee to work with us on a range of ongoing projects in tandem with our design and development team. We are looking for a fellow worker dedicated to a thorough collaborative process of thinking, feeling, imagining, and executing.

With us, you will interpret an aesthetic identity and functionally deliver it in alignment with the software mechanics and affordances we are building. Your aesthetic sensitivity and flare for exploratory visual language is required. While we seek novel interface metaphors, we prioritise simplicity and accessibility. You will contribute to devising user journeys in Figma and feedback on the assets coming out of the identity factory.

You will work exclusively on the frontend, collaborating closely with a full-stack developer and designer, and with consideration for the parallel backend development work. You will operate across various languages and environments, such as C# and Unity, through Vue.js, Three.js, HTMX to Django and other frameworks or libraries. While you do not have to know these well, you need to be confident with CSS and ideally Tailwind.

We will work together in our office close to Finsbury Park station in London, restrictions permitting.

We are a worker co-operative and we cherish listening and everyone’s voice. If you are successful we will onboard you to our operations and invite you to participate beyond design and software development.

About you

There are some essential requirements for the candidate:

  • Visual literacy: a distinct sense of visual aesthetics and typography paired with the digital capabilities to execute them, preferably having experience in a design-related field.
  • Development ability: a good grasp of frontend software development, particularly CSS and Javascript, with an ability to find your way around a codebase, preferably having experience in an IT-related field.
  • Agile: You can articulate your ideas and direction clearly throughout your process, and thrive in a constantly evolving working environment; focusing on creation and taking on feedback.
  • Learning: You are curious and eager to learn new skills, techniques, both in development, design and beyond, and improve yourself as part of a collective whole.
  • Values: You want your creative efforts to serve a larger purpose, and have a positive impact on people’s lives.


You will be employed by Animorph on a 6-month part-time contract for 3 days a week (7 hours a day). Everyone in the co-op is paid the same hourly rate.

After our first two months together we will review the scope of your work, with a potential extension to full-time. At the 4-month review we may offer you to extend your contract beyond 6 months.

If you have any questions about the role, please ask us for clarity via email: we@animorph.coop

Apply for this role

If you’re interested in working together, please send the following to we@animorph.coop before 2022-02-15T12:00:00Z:

  • Links to three websites/applications/projects you have designed or developed and are proud of. Explain why you are proud of them, and provide a bullet-point list for each of the user needs you designed for, design considerations you made to achieve the outcome, and the technology and approaches you applied in these projects.
  • An example of a technical challenge you’ve encountered on a recent project, how you addressed it, what you learned from that experience, and why you think it is relevant to this role.
  • An example of when you’ve had to persuade someone of your design decision on a project. How did you approach it and what did you learn?
  • Up to three other unique strengths or perspectives you think you would bring to this team and role, and why you feel they are important.
  • Optionally, you may also include an attachment or link to your portfolio.

We will respond by 2022-02-18T17:00:00Z to let you know whether we’d like to invite you to interview.

We look forward to hearing from you!

:cyclone: www.animorph.coop


Hi Hannah, the job offer looks interesting. Are you willing to accept remote proposals?

Hello @tomasanimus thanks for expressing interest! We are looking for a London-based worker this time.

Ok, thanks for you reply. Just in case you are interested in intercooperating in the future, I am sending my CV and a portfolio.

In a circular move, we just tweeted about this.

Hello if you’ve come from Twitter! Apply for this role.

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