Hi from Cambá! tech-coop from Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Hi! my name is Neto, I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a member of Cambá, a workers tech-coop.

We’re researching other cooperatives and organizations around the world, to know about their experiences and exchange knowledge. I’ve found the open.coop website, and talked with Oliver Sylvester-Bradley, who recommended this forum.

We have a lot ideas to discuss, but I think that is better to know each other first :smiley:

This is our website: http://camba.coop/ (it’s outdated, we’re 27 members now, and we’re launching the new site in this days)

Our social networks:
(can’t paste links)

We’re running an educational project:


And most important, we’re members of a tech-coops federation, FACTTIC (Federación Argentina de Cooperativas de Trabajo de Tecnología, Innovación y Conocimiento)


well, I think that’s all for now… We’re happy to know that other people around the world are in the same path, building a new economy based on cooperative values…

I hope hear from you soon!


Hey @Neto nice to meet you and welcome to the forum. It’s also really nice to see that people on the other side of the world are working under a co-operative structure and making the world fairer.

I’m going to Buenos Aires in January, can l come and say hello? I’m from Outlandish by the way. I speak Spanish and would love to hang out and find out how you do things and tell you about some other coop latinoamericanas that I’ve heard about.


Hey @Neto welcome!

Great to hear from our fellow co-operators around the world!

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Nice to hear from you :slight_smile:

I upped your trust level in Discourse, try now?

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Hi Kayleigh! yes, you can visit us! Send me an email to neto@camba.coop

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I couldn’t paste more than two links because was my first post, but thanks!

Hi everyone!! I’m Sol, also part of Cambá, our coop in BA, Argentina. I’m joining the forum as Neto to share knowledge and be in contact with you and your experiences.



Hi Neto. I’d like to point you (and anyone else interested) in the direction of Diglife.com (Member portal Diglife.coop). The Collective’s global membership researches, develops, funds and supports technologies that prioritize autonomy, privacy and dignity. Always looking for new relationships and collaborators. Current projects include; mapping, social ledger, DAT and open learning

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