Help Webrecorder improve open source web archiving tools!

The Webrecorder Project is currently hiring two positions, a Community Support Engineer and a Backend Engineer to help work on our open source web archiving tools.

Our focus is on creating open source tools to allow for fully decentralized and federated web archiving using open data formats. With growing misinformation, and now the war in Ukraine, the need for web archiving tools continues to grow and we are looking for help!

All of our tools our open source and we strive to make it possible to create highly accurate and verifiable archives of complex websites.

  • The Community Support Engineer will work with the community-driven SUCHO effort, helping a community of volunteers to archive Ukrainian cultural heritage websites.

  • The Backend Engineer will work on our core crawling tools, including Browsertrix Crawler, as well as other tools, like the chrome extension. This role will involve some R&D on current challenges in web archiving.

I’m posting here at the recommendation of @benhylau, who’s been using some of our tools as part of Starling Lab’s archiving efforts.

Happy to response to any questions here as well!