Help crowdfund a CoTech member project! (and help renters avoid eviction, stand-up to landlords etc too!)

I’ve just seen that the excellent Acorn renters union are crowdfunding to make an app in collaboration with CoTech members Code-Operative (not on website yet, but approved on Loomio) so I figured I’d share here so we can all support :slight_smile:


Good to point out that it’s going to be open source afaik.


Woooo just read this article! Congrats @CodeOpNick & team!

Btw, I heard about an app called Peacekeeper way back in the day, that you might want to steal some ideas from. It wasn’t a success, but you can find archive here:

I assumed it was built with the intention of helping marginalized persons call for help from their own communities rather than calling the police. It turns out it was built by some asshat libertarian who is most def not about anything I’d care to call social justice. (Evidenced in videos posted on his new website.)

But anyhow, the idea of calling a list of trusted people – this seems like maybe an interesting use-case that could make the app more widely useful to marginalised folks, not just union members :slight_smile:

Excited to see the project progress on github! Pls do share link here when it’s created, if you can!