Hello fron Resonate.IS

Hi Everyone,

I’m Nick, Secretary of Resonate.IS, the ‘fair play’, open source music streaming cooperative. We’re global, and registered in Ireland, but we are also enthusiastic members of co-operatives uk. We’ve got lots of new features and ideas coming up, but as always, resources are a constant challenge, so shared efforts are welcome… hence we would love to hear more and maybe collaborate in this forum. (BTW we also use Discourse for our own forum).

Thanks for reading… and if you want to find some great new music from 1800+ artists and curators, you know where we are :slight_smile:


Hi Nick,

Good to hear from you regarding Resonate.is. I think we spoke once before, but that may have been more around RChain at the time.

In terms of contributing to resonate if people are positioned and able to do that; what is the best way to approach it? Do you have a description of skills, areas, features that are ready for people to contribute or collaborate on?



@nmeyne I’d love to hear more about this as well. I think there are a number of open-source contributors who would love to contribute to your music platform. I was mulling this over yesterday and thinking how providing a music discovery API would open up a lot of leverage for coders to amplify artists on your platform. You could also provide listening through Oauth sign in and a DRM-enabled player like Bitmovin.

Personally, I use Spotify for their powerful discovery tools then go track down the artist’s website, label’s website, or bandcamp to buy directly from them now. The current beta listening experience is pretty slim (no genre browsing…?) but could easily be augmented if developers had access to an API and could correlate with MusicBrainz or other projects.

Hello again @jamestimbrell and thanks too @funwhilelost !! Great to hear from you both and sorry for the delay in reply. For those who are happy to fill in forms we have a volunteer page and form to keep things a bit organised, but right now we are getting urgent new features ready before we move to new, more consistent, scaleable joined-up project infrastructure.

We will continue to discuss possible features in our community forum but we will have to do better than our current mix of a Rocketchat 2020-dev chat channel and a Trello board plus Gitlab/Github. We are looking at Basecamp.

Meanwhile our user/track api perhaps gives an example of the intended tech direction. Much more work on other apis, like payments for example, will follow. Help in making the transition is always very welcome!

@funwhilelost Absolutely. We are working on public and open apis - see the other link. This will be part of our upload tool api (artists upload their tracks, art, links, metadata and so on) and later the new stream2own api. We might look at something on “elastic search” to give us good and accurate search results instantly.

Resonate (and several other platform co-ops) will be at OPEN 2020 in London in June too :slight_smile:
Join us, and the conversation about how “Open protocols supersede open APIs by an order of magnitude” - and everything else co-op and tech…
Early bird tickets end on the 11th March so grab yours while you can - hope to see you all there!