Hello from Paper Rhino

Hi there,

We are Paper Rhino, a workers’ co-operative specialising in art, illustration, typography, design and animation. We started Paper Rhino so that we could use our skills to support ethically-conscious clients, new and emerging organisations, small companies and charities.

We are looking forward to collaborating with more like minded co-ops this year on new exciting projects and we’re happy to be part of CoTech!




Great to have Paper Rhino on board, I believe that you are the 43’rd co-op to join (the website only lists 43 as Good Praxis are not listed on the site, but there are 44, Jarrow Insights joined just after you did).

We have a monthly one hour group call at 4pm on the last Wednesday of every month that you would be welcome to join, I’d suggest subscribing to the CoTech calls category on this forum so you get notifications of these.

Notes from the previous calls are on the wiki and at the last one “Alex volunteered to update the processes for on-boarding the next time someone joins.” so any feedback on what we could do to improve could be directed at @alex.

It would be fantastic if some of you can come to the Worker Co-op Weekend 2020 and CoTech Gathering so we can meet face-to-face.



Please direct feedback at me! This forum is a fine place to do so!


@chris - We are also not on the site!


Ah ha, CoTech is 45 co-ops then! :slight_smile:

If anyone needs help getting their co-op added to the web site please ask!


Welcome, glad to see you’ve joined CoTech :slight_smile:

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Very nice to have another design/graphics co-op in the network!

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