Hello from Paolo, researcher of platform coops

Hi everyone

my name is Paolo and I am a researcher based at Edinburgh Napier University. I am currently studying the factors driving the development of platform coops and tech coops in Europe. If anyone has spare time for a chat and would like to share their insights in a research interview, please do get in touch!

I am also planning to attend the conference in Glasgow, I hope to meet many of you there.

Thank you!

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Hello Paolo -

I’m based in Edinburgh, and plan to go to the Glasgow Gathering this November. Could either see you there, or in Edinburgh at another convenient time?

I don’t claim any special insights, but I am involved with co-ops and tech.



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Hi Paolo,

I’m in the same co-operative as Nick S (a few of us will be in Glasgow). I’m based in France and a member of Happy Dev and Startin’Blox, both platform co-ops

Look forward to speaking with you there :slight_smile:

@LeoSammallahti is pretty knowledgeable about platform co-ops as well I believe, he might be able to point you to some interesting examples



Thanks Calum! You are too kind: I honestly have little to no idea what I’m talking about, but it is flattering to hear I have managed to convince you to believe otherwise. Have already actually had a call with Paolo :slight_smile: .


Hey @paogerli - I am happy to chat about my journey and the tech co-ops I am part of (Cetis, fractals).

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Hi @NickS

thanks for reaching out! Perhaps we could arrange a meeting in Edinburgh next week? If you are available, please drop me an email at p.gerli@napier.ac.uk and we can further discuss the details.


Thanks @calummackervoy

I am definitely looking forward to catching up in Glasgow! Would you also be up for an online interview whenever you have time? I am super interested in learning more about these French platform coops!

Give me a shout if you are available - here is my email p.gerli@napier.ac.uk!

Merci beaucoup


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Thanks @bates_oliver, nice to e-meet you! I’d love to hear more about these tech coops… when are you available for a quick interview in November? Hopefully see you soon! Ta! Paolo