Hello from Mississippi

My name is Katrina and I manage a lttle digital artist and game development co-op based in Mississippi, in the US - the first such co-op in our state. We focus a lot on finding emerging talent in the digitial arts and video game development fields, and creating projects to help develop these talents.

Its only been about 6 months since we formed, but we do have 3 games in development - 2 of which have early demos evailable (once of which is quite complex, with its own built-in level editor)

We also this past week launched the internet’s first co-op focused Discord chat server. I will make a separate post with a link to it since this website only allows 2 links in new user’s posts.

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Hello from Argentina! (but currently in Birmingham)

Very nice to hear from you.

My name is Nicolás and I’m a member in Fiqus (https://fiqus.com/en/). We are currently in the UK with @Neto and @mlambir, we came here to participate in the Gathering held in Sheffield last week.

We have been talking with cooperatives in the USA and we are also participating in a Show&Tell space held by Agaric (https://agaric.coop/) every Wednesday.

If you want and have some time, we can arrange a call during next week, when we are back in Argentina, to talk a little bit and get to know each other better.


Welcome to the world of tech co-ops, Katrina :slight_smile:

What is LLC, out of interest? I don’t think we have that term in UK

LLC is “Limited Liability Company” - its one of several legal forms of business in the US - its similar to a Corportation

Ahh I see, Limited Liability I understand. Sorry for the late reply Katrina.

Hope you have a nice and useful chat with Nicolas; he and Argentinian colleagues stayed at our house during the recent CoTech Gathering, they are really nice. It seems that Argentine co-ops are working well together, a good example that we can learn from.

Best wishes.