Hello from fractals co-op 👋

Hi fellow CoTech friends,

We’re fractals co-op. We’ve met some of you already, but we wanted to stick our head out and say hi more widely! We’ve been quiet whilst we found our feet.

fractals co-op is a collective of four who are designers, researchers, facilitators, data jugglers and coders. We work with third sector and value aligned organisations to discover, design, evaluate, and critique services and technologies. We care deeply about equitable technologies, services and policies and we’re design justice practitioners.

We are Kieran, Leah, Hazel and Oliver and we’re based across Newcastle, Glasgow and Manchester.

We are experts in (user) research, experience and interaction design, and service design. We are facilitators who work with communities and complex, multi-stakeholder projects. We like to use games and interactive activities, ask hard questions, and help organisations get unstuck.

We also work with organisations on longer-term strategy issues (digital or otherwise), helping them to think about and work towards a better future using Three Horizons, Emergent Strategy, and supporting them to develop their own co-design practices.

What we’re looking for in the near future

Whilst we have a range of technical skills around web and data, our priority is on service design, research, and facilitation.

We’re looking for coffee chats about:

  • collaborations on upcoming projects/tenders
  • speculative chats about design justice, futures, games, equitable tech
  • getting to know each other and your practice

We’ve attached a summary of prior work to give you a taste of what we do.
fractals co-op - prior work.pdf (142.9 KB)

Where you can find us

We’re spread between Newcastle, Glasgow, and Manchester. If you’re around give us a shout!

We’re going to be running a session in August at SPACE4 on using games in service design and user research.


Glad you’re here folks!

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