Hello from Equal Care

Hello everyone!

I’m the Lead Software Engineer at Equal Care Co-op and very excited to start being a more active member of the CoTech community. Equal Care is working to redistribute the power within the UK’s social care sector away from large agencies and towards the people who deserve it: those giving and receiving care.

I’ll be up-front and say that I’m joining now because we’re hiring a new engineer, so if anyone can point me to some clarity around whether posting a job ad is okay here that would be great. We’re not a “Worker Co-op” because we’re multi-stakeholder, however, one of those stakeholder groups is our care and support workers so it’s as close as we can get whilst still keeping the interests of the people we support at heart (very important to us!)

That said, it’s not the only reason I’m trying to get more involved… I am currently the engineering department at Equal Care and I know how useful it can be to have a community to help support you when you’re balancing a million plates at once; I’m hoping CoTech might be able to provide some space for a sounding board or building some relationships with people who are interested in what we’re doing. We’ve got an excellent mission and we use some interesting tech so there’s lots to chat about!

Looking forward to getting stuck in! :rainbow:


Welcome Matt.

When is Equal Care coming to London? Can’t wait.

Crystalisr is involved in a project called Care Concierge which is a software solution for integrating care pathways under a single tech platform.

Equal Care care providers and patients are obviously part of these recovery pathways.

We should have a discussion some time. in the meantime let me know if I can help in anyway (apart from finding you an engineer, which is not really my forte unfortunately).

Best wishes,


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Welcome @equalmatt :slight_smile:

That would be fine!

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Hey David,

Absolutely, let’s get something in the diary - feel free to email me at matt@equalcare.coop

We actually are just kicking off our journey into London now with some support from LOTI - we’re really excited to see where this goes but it’s still pretty early days. The pressures on social care services in London are enormous and the margin that big care orgs operate at there are insanely tight so we’ve got a big battle on our hands to try to change that. Any support is, of course, hugely appreciated!

Right now the best support you could give would be any shares of the job ad to any exceptional engineers you know - I’m struggling to keep up on my own these days!

Thanks Matt,

Really exciting about the LOTI funding. Which you were a bit nearer though. We are Croydon, Kingston, Merton, Sutton and Richmond, so South London sub-region. Perhaps there is the possibility of dissemination and/or us joining the pilot?

Re engineering, there is a Health Innovation Network, join it and post your request in there and I will try to get attention for you. Health Innovation Network - Big Knowledge

I’ll get in touch and we can discuss all poibnts,