Hello from Durham

Hi all! I am an Argentine software dev who has recently moved to the North East. I am a member of Coprinf, IT & design cooperative based in Santa Fe, Argentina, our coop is a member of FACTTIC (Federation of Tech Worker Cooperatives).

In Coprinf, we have participated in different projects with other coops of the federation, we’ve joined forces with the coops where @nicolasdimarco and @Neto work as well, who have had the opportunity to visit the UK last year.

I am now present and settled in the UK and very much looking forward to participate in the community, to learn about coops in the UK, and hopefully to join forces with fellow tech workers :slight_smile:

I’m in County Durham, I’ve seen the closest coops to me are in Newcastle, hopefully one day when back to normality I can visit one of them (or travel a bit further too, I would love that!). I am currently getting accustomed to the accent (why aye!), and using this time to keep on learning and participating in projects in my home country.

So hello and stay safe! :wave:


Hi there!

I’m John, I’m a member of Code-Operative, one of the coops based in Newcastle.

Would you be interested in a call next week?

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Welcome to UK!! It’s a pleasure to have you here on our shores. It isn’t normally like this :smile:

Give Code-Operative a shout. Great people! @KingMob

Hope to meet you sometime in the future :rainbow:

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damn @KingMob u snuck in before my post at lightning speed.


Your post was much friendlier, slowing it down with emojis and word like “welcome”, like a luxury airliner compared with my fighter jet-like “we do call?”


Hi Noelia,

It’s great to know that you can get in touch with our friends at CoTech while you’re there.

Greetings from Argentina!


Hi!! Yes, that sounds great, thank you!
Had a laugh about the airlines comparison in the other comment :grin:


Hi! Thank you!! And likewise! It’s a pleasure to be here, we’re a Brit-Arg family so it was bound to happen eventually :grin:


Hello! Albeit it’s a little late in the week now, I just wanted to check in again. I’m up for a call whenever is best. I can’t direct message as I’m new in the board, so I thought I’d just leave the reply here.

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