Hello from Data Content Reach

Hi, this is a bit tardy of us but we are delighted to be part of Co-Tech.

This is us - Data Content Reach « CoTech « Cooperative Technologists

There are mainly two of us at the moment.

Tim met a few of you via Zoom at the get-together. He is also a director of Ethical Consumer (multistakeholder coop), Fair Tax Foundation, and Red Pepper magazine (becoming a co-op). He mainly works on content, user research, email marketing and social media.

I’ve been lurking around for a while and was at Wortley Hall a few years back as a guest of Agile Collective. That was a great event. Before that I’d known Shaun Fensom for a long time, who (re)introduced me to the joys of co-operatives. I ran the web stuff for Phone Coop for a while, was part of Openspace office in Manchester, and have a longstanding relationship to Ethical Consumer which is how Tim and I got to begin working together nearly a decade ago. Nowadays I do a lot of work Agile and have done stuff for Wave and DotProject, and as DCR we are working on a project for Coop News with Web.coop, so quite a few of you will recognise the face. My work is mainly analytics analysis, site architecture, seo, conversion optimisation.

Together we do content strategy, planning and production.

Looking forwards to working with many of you, building the cooperative tech sector, and one day soon getting together with lots of great people again.

In solidarity