Hello from dat-ecosystem

Hi Everyone,

I’m Alex, a programmer working on peer-to-peer technology and a member of dat-ecosystem.
I made this account for members of dat-ecosystem.

We recently started a small series of blog posts to introduce the projects in the ecosystem.
Staying connected: Mad scientists cultivating a new Internet together because dat-eocystem is comprised of many projects who share values and are building on top of p2p technology. The goal is to find ways of working together and semi-automate our collaboration using peer-to-peer technology. Projects are build on open source and while we support the fediverse and operate a mastodon account @dat_ecosystem@fosstodon.org we overall believe in making the cloud and any servers obsolete and we think the technology is mostly ready, but the UX is not.

The projects in the ecosystem formed a smallish consortium to help foster interoperability and we started out as a 501c3 (Code for Science and Society) and are now organizing through dat - Open Collective

Projects in the ecosystem include arso/sonar working on peer-to-peer search.
Also cabal chat, a p2p irc style chat system with subjective moderation capabilities.
There is sher,a p2p audio broadcasting solution.
There is also agregore, a p2p browser, and a few more projects.

We hope to re-build more and more existing tools without servers and empower users with data sovereignity and portability, making everything interoperable and work without lock-in effect and without the need for servers.

We are actively looking to work with others who might be interested in exploring peer-to-peer technology, especially coops,because it is definitely our long term goal empower people working together instead of big tech and big top down corporations in general.


Maybe people remember dat from the old days and some might have even used the hypercore protocol, developed as one of the most important infrastructure projects in dat ecosystem :blush:


Welcome @dat-ecosystem :wave: Cool that you’re here! Thanks for the initial post and introduction to the Dat Ecosystem directions. I’m very curious about the ideas you all have for ways of working together with CoTech and friends.


We are in the process of presenting existing dat-ecosystem projects and started with

  1. agregore browser Meet Mauve and their Agregore Browser
  2. cabalc hat Join the Cabal Expedition with Alexander Cobleigh

dat started out as modules to help people build p2p data systems.
we try to promote and improve the stack to empower users with control over their own data.
No vendor lock-in’s, data portability, users having full control over their data.
Cabal chat pioneered a “subjective moderation” system and we have many projects - each pioneering different aspects of the highly tiny modular stack. Dat-ecosystem is a place for project founders to discuss and work on interoperability.

We are in the process of visualizing the ecosystem and regularly updating it and at some point hopefully in real time. The goal is for dat-ecosystem to enable any kind of sponsorship, donations, grants and other support to utilize the supply network graph of tiny modules to distribute funds among projects, modules and contributors in a fair and transparent way with the main focus being some sort of “bubble up economics” (which means, the lowest modules in the stack receive funds first until they reach a max cap, so new projects standing on the shoulders of giants so to speak will first support their dependencies before getting supported themselves. Of course, that’s a bit simplified, but we are happy if people are interested in joining the discussion

Many of our members have experienced or tried to build something in the spirit of platform cooperativism, thus we hope we can find ways of trying pilot projects where cooperatives can start utilising p2p and interoperability standards for inter-coop-collaboration :slight_smile:


Here is a preview of the dat-ecosystem. New projects join by starting to use any of the existing projects modules in the stack. Dat Garden

We communicate mostly on
web2: discord
fediverse: matrix chat (gitter)
p2p web: cabal chat


Here are two more projects that are part of dat tech stack :slight_smile:

  1. ssc - to build cross platform p2p apps Unleashing a Web Development Adventure with Paolo Fragomeni
  2. sher - a p2p audio broadcasting tool The Decentralized Streaming Adventure with Sher!
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Hey, friends :wave:

We’ve just published our latest interview. Embark on the journey to explore the Health Oracle Protocol (Hop) with James


Hey, friends, new interview is out!

Delve into the world of Maori community archiving with
https://twitter.com/whimful from Ahau, as we uncover the transformative power of p2p software in preserving family trees and captivating stories.

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New ecosystem interview is here: Unveil the power of data sovereignty with @ninabreznik and @serapath as they introduce @DatDotOrg, a peer-to-peer project transforming data control, privacy, and accessibility.

Hey frens :slightly_smiling_face:

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