Hello from Dandelion Collective!

Dear fellow co-operative technologists,

We (Dandelion Collective) are delighted to join CoTech following our approval on Loomio!

A couple of things:

  • A major project of ours is dandelion.earth, a co-op platform for ticketed events and co-created gatherings. If you’re running events regularly using Eventbrite/TicketTailor/whatever other non-co-op platform, we’d love to hear from you and invite you to be one of the first organisations to start using it!
  • On a personal note, I’m keen to gain experience working with other tech co-ops for up to half my week. I have 15 years experience as a developer (mainly Ruby) and also offer coaching, consulting and facilitation services. Previous clients include the New Economics Foundation, Greenpeace UK, 350.org, Possible, the Living Wage Foundation, Positive Money, 38 Degrees, the Labour Party and the Green Party. Read more about my offerings here, see my CV here.

In solidarity,


Welcome to both you and Dandelion Collective. Lovely to have another coop join the network, looking forward to meeting you at some point - maybe on the next CoTech monthly call on next Wednesday at 4pm? Check CoTech Monthly Governance Call 29.07.2020 for details…
Really good to know you’re looking to work with other coops. There is a fair bit of it about as myself (Agile Collective), @dajbelshaw (We are Open) and @Lucy (In Fact) are all working at Outlandish for the next few months, so maybe the start of more of this kind of thing.



Had a look at your website, and it looks interesting.

There are a few events/workshops/hack-weekends/small-festivals that i know that may be interested in moving to a co-operative-based ticketing agency.

I’ll forward your details on to them. :smiley:

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Hey @stephenreid welcome! I’ve been tasked with onboarding you to CoTech, so expect a sexy slideshow to come your way relatively soon :wink:

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Hi @stephenreid. Welcome to CoTech!

We (Go Free Range) use Ruby and Rails a lot and we’d love to catch up with you sometime. We’re a bit snowed under at the moment, but perhaps we can contact you when things are a bit quieter.

Cheers, James.