Hello from Crystalisr

I am a member of Crystalisr, a platform coop based in South London, with a mission to build community wealth (http://www.crystalisr.org/).


Welcome @djnorth! We’d love to find out a little more about Crystalisr, especially how you’ve formed and set up (also, someone might be able to help you with an SSL certificate for your site…)

Love this graphic:



Hi Dominic, We are part of a consortium in Oxford doing a Community Wealth Building pilot. It would be great to hear what you are developing. Would you be up for scheduling a call?

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Hello Colm, I am in the startup so-op Crystalisr with Dominic. Yes, would love to connect and speak with you. Also if you are available do please attend our live pitching event next Wednesday. A vote for us is a vote nearer to community wealth in our community!
[The UnFound Accelerator LIVE pitch event! | Co-operatives UK]

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Welcome @DavidRandall and @djnorth!

Nothing more to say than: this is extremely cool! As @dajbelshaw says, would love to find out more as you begin your work.

Don’t know if I can attend the pitch event, but will see if it is possible.