Hello from borderless, multi-stakeholder worker coop network


hey all!

i’m a black founder of a interdisciplinary cooperative network of artists, technologists, researchers and activists called future modern. we deliver liberation tech to the masses through art, culture, and service.

not that it matters, but for the sake of getting to know our background a bit better, our members are associated with such institutions as caltech, uchicago, duke, berkeley, usc, ucla, bird rides, microsoft, columbia records, mad decent records, complex magazine, blackrock, red table talks, ontraport, and the los angeles department of water and power.

mutual aid

i’d love to chat with you or anyone you know who might be interested in working with us or joining. specifically interested in socially conscious thought leaders, particularly black or indigenous developers, passionate about how web3 / consensus networks can power cooperative economics.



we have a few projects currently underway. one we particularly want help with is e-state, a decentralized app for truth-incentivized crowdsourced rental information, that we later leverage into a marketplace for collective real estate investment and governance.

the goal is to give people a voice against oppressive landlords and living situations, reducing the information and therefore power asymmetry inherent in the real estate industry and giving communities bargaining power to negotiate fairer and more affordable living conditions.

i hoped you or someone in your network could contribute to, mentor and / or advise the design and implementation of the protocol. we have the concept fleshed out but would take input on the finer design decisions. i have experience coding for data science but no strong developer experience or knowledge of solidity or anything; i have a brilliant blockchain engineer friend involved who can quarterback but is not sure if he will play a more hands on or supervisory role as he is co-founder / CTO of another startup, so I want to collaborate with him along with our traditional front and back end devs. therefore pointers to help us start building off the code our blockchain eng already wrote would help as well.


another project we have underway is aeria, the first(?) open source standard for music / content insights and knowledge based on immersive, dynamic, intuitive AI/data visualization. focusing on visualization makes the experience human centric and accessible to everyone, putting the power of machine knowledge in the hands of every artists toward connecting them to the support and resources they need to sustain their work.

we’re not currently looking for a web3 dev for aeria, but we would love to discuss the project with any graphics-oriented designer or front end developer you could intro me to.

call to action

would love to set up a time to chat with you or anyone you can introduce me to and discuss what we’re working on more. let me know if you’re interested and if so a time that works for you. based on your participation in this group, i feel you all would find a kinship in our community of creators and builders! :sparkles:

stay in touch

btw, if you simply find this interesting and are curious to find out more or discuss, we have some wiki and github links up at https://opencollective.com/afuturemodern. if you want to financially support our open source projects you can do that there as well!

feel free to follow us on our socials in the link (@afuturemodern on ig / twitter / most things) to stay up-to-date!