Hello from Argentina πŸ‘‹

Greetings it’s lovely introduce myself here, seeing a diversity of discussion and finding this horizontalism in the forum like the set forth in the CoThech Manifest.

My name is Walter, I’m a fellow from SolarSistemas which is a software development co-op in Argentina with values and perspectives strongly tied to the ones expressed here,where we build with other struggles presents in daily reality, we currently give economic support in a organizational project who works with food centres/community kitchen for vulnerable sectors in one of the neighborhood of Cordoba Argentina for example.
We have a core team of developers with strong skills in Software Development. We have worked and implemented a wide range of software solutions:

  • Python Backends

  • Web frontends: HTML + Vanilla JS

  • React Native apps iOS and Android native Apps

  • QA automation

  • IT services

  • Hosting provider services

Regarding our current context, our country is now going through a crisis. Working conditions and salaries are getting worse and worse. That has been the adverse scenario for the last few years.

I came here with the purpose of develop links and work projects but i’m not only looking for a job or economic end instead i want to discuss the topics in the forum building an equitable world with sharing differents perspectives that allow us technology, genre perspective and united workers.


Fellow Argie here. Used to work at Tecso worker coop, now I work on my own as a R&D consultant while I’m associate of El Hogar Obrero. Best! This is a great community for tech worker internationalism.

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