Hello! Forming Therapy Coop, based in the UK


I’m joining the CoTech forums as the tech representative of a coop of (5) therapists. We’re currently on the unfound accelerators course and still forming the model of a platform consortium before founding by the end of the year.

I’ve worked in tech solutions for 15 years and after training as a therapist, looking to merge the two worlds together to create a coop platform that provides accessible, community driven therapy services for those priced out by therapy fees and provide a platform for therapists to use that doesn’t take a 50% cut of their earnings that drives up costs in privatised agencies or most therapy platforms out there.

If anyone knows any self-employed therapist who would like to join as a member or if you’re reading this and keen to help form one within the coop course, please forward/check-out the link: http://www.integrativetherapycollective.org or get in touch via this thread.

I’m based in London and always up for networking, learning and talking about developments in co-op technologies and sectors over a coffee or group meetup.

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Hi Amanda, If you have any sort of plans for integrating direct chat between therapists and clients, I know that there’s some CoTech folks including my co-op that have experience in Matrix/Element which is the encrypted chat platform that the open source community is favouring these days. It has encrypted calling functionality also. We’ve been deploying some bots and such also. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to chat about this.


Hi Amanda, this is a great idea. I’m around all this afternoon and evening in London if there is an opportune moment.


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Thanks for reaching out @kawaiipunk - definitely looking at those open source community options. Will reach out to schedule a chat soon for sure when scoping the project.

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Hi @asimong - That’s for reaching out, unfortunately missed this message and wasn’t in London at the time, so no worries. If you’re ever down London way again in the future, let us know. Planning to attend the Platform coop events as they happen this year, so might connect then.