Good options for "Email your MP" system in 2023?

Autonomic has been asked to make a “contact your MP” form.

Last time I made one of these MySociety’s TheyWorkForYou / WriteToThem were the gold standard.

Now, the “WriteToThem for campaigners” page links to robinhouston/write-to-mp which hasn’t been updated in a full decade, and WriteToThem’s “I would like to run a service like WriteToThem” FAQ answer links to Poplus / WriteIt, which seems to have been paused.

What are folks using these days to make “contact your MP” systems? Pulling email addresses from the UK parliament website directly? Using WriteToThem’s linking features? Something else?

I’d suggest asking this question on the ECF email list.

There are currently no off the shelf solutions to this problem that you can self-host. This is called a letter writing campaign generally, just for searching ease.

What one can do is use an off the shelf software solution like Action Network to enter a targetting list for MPs. Small Axe provide a maintained list of MPs and their email addresses at MPs Matched Shape File - Google Sheets Their Action Network UK user community provides links to resources and guides that walk you through setting this up on Action Network -

The other options are New/Mode, which allows this sort of targetting and others, like local newspapers - New/Mode – Advocacy & Civic Engagement Platform. This is a software as a service solution, but they cut a decent discount for non-profits and charities on request. And also Do Gooder and Impact Stack that offer similar functionality. Impact Stack is UK based, backed by an agency called More Onion.