Glaswegian co-operative fan

Hey all,

I was referred to this site by my twitter-friend Leo after spit balling some ideas for finding work or maybe a new co-operative.

I’m interested in Electronic Engineering and went to uni for a little bit to study this, I ended up leaving but I still have a decent amount of experience from my hobbies and lots of self-learning. I’ve also been doing self-taught computer programming since I was very young.

I’ve spent the last little while working with Scottish Youth Climate Strike as the Glasgow general co-ordinator as well as supporting them on the technological side. I organised all the logistics and outreach for the Global Climate Strike which saw 17,000 people marching!

I’ve had a few ideas about a co-operative and community-centered electronic repair business in Glasgow, stemming from my experience repairing lots of my own devices and my friends too and from hearing about lots of shocking experiences others have had with typical commercial repair shops. My experience with electronics means I am often able to do component-level repair as opposed to replacing entire boards which can save a lot of money and is overall better for the environment and fits into a circular economy.

Hoping to hear about other people’s going-ons in here and maybe seek out some advice about starting something up!


Welcome! Me, several people from my co-op and some other co-ops are based in Edinburgh and Glasgow - drinks when this is all over :slight_smile: