GitHub Co-operative?

Since GitHub has become part of the Microsoft combine, what about creating a version of GitHub that is owned and run by it’s users?

Using a Co-op model would work for this.

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You mean something like ?


Thank you. :smiley:

I didn’t know that this existed. :smiley:


Full disclosure: as of June 27th I’ve been a member of the management committee of Webarchitects (which reminds me, I must read the rules before the next meeting…).


See the background thread on the CoTech Lomio forum. the page on the Webarchitects site:

And the thread on this forum for more on

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@chris, been meaning to ask and suppose here is as good as anywhere!

I do know that Gitlab has a bunch to offer (via and have just been recently seen a private account and noticed they have a lot more on offer there. Is that the difference between the CE version and paid version?

One thing I’ve wondered about is increased resources for the CI runner. Do you consider running some sort of maintenance contract for that? Since Aptivate is moving (albeit slowly) towards more and more of our infrastructure on, we’d be interested to see!

EDIT: Oh yeah, and for anyone considering using, I absolutely recommend. Can’t fault webarchs on anything! Solid response times for all my nagging.

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Do you have any particular features in mind? The things I hope we will do with over the next year or so are:

Does it need an increase in resources? The server doesn’t seem very loaded to me, there are big spikes and at some point we will get a faster file server which should help flatten these:


By the way at our AGM last week we started to discuss setting up a Discourse forum and, assuming this is agreed at our Committee meeting next week, I expect it’ll be up and running in a couple of weeks time at the latest — when it is that would be the ideal place to raise matter like this, in the meantime this is good place.

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Works like a charm, thank you WebArchs!

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The P2P Foundation have a wiki paging listing community hosted GitLab instances and there is one other .coop listed there, the domain is owned by the New Zealand based ii Limited, the IP address is on a Packet Host (New York, USA) subnet and they are running GitLab Enterprise Edition (not Free software), rather than the Community Edition (Free software), that we have at, it is open to allow anyone to register and I guess Enspiral might be involved since it hosts a copy of the Loomio code?

Does anyone know more about it?

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  • the Ansible code to deploy it being made public


  • Add a GitLab Container Registry

Oh yes please!

Does it need an increase in resources?

I think it is limited to single CI runs on projects. If I don’t cancel a previous build when running another, the other is pending. Also, when we two people are running builds on projects within an account, I think they queue builds and only one runs at a time. Could be wrong but that’s just what I’ve noticed in passing.

By the way at our AGM last week we started to discuss setting up a



We had concurrent = 1 in /etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml, I have increased this to 4, I’m not sure if this will do the job or if additional [[runners]] sections need adding to the file, the documentation doesn’t appear to make this clear? Let me know if this has made a difference next time you use it.

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I didn’t, but it would appear it is run by this chap Chris McClimans @hippiehacker on twitter (blogs at so I’ve just invited him here to tell us more :slight_smile:

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