Fun Circle for 8th-9th April

Hello, myself @Kayleigh and @SzczepanOfAnimorph had a call about making the gathering in 2 weeks as fun as possible.

Here’s an edited selection of our notes:

At the moment, the current plan is to just have the morning on Thursday but if people want to continue they can.

Friday afternoon is the international sesh, and planning the next in-person gathering. Friday is when most of the prepared rooms are opened up and advertised to be on.

Multi-user board on can view a pdf and have a canvas to draw on.

Main rooms for the gathering are confirmed on the 31st March.


Structured and unstructured Fun
Game Session of some kind

Ongoing stuff
Smells and other senses. tool for achoring start of a session, or milestones within it or something
Deeper Framework
Kayleigh is working on people sustaining connection remotely and might have some more ideas after a session on Monday
Silliness encouraged

Less structured fun for people who hate organised fun (Polly)
Breakout rooms are pretty flexible
People can select rooms based on the people in them
Can have social room open the whole time
Rooms with themes
Secrets themes
Drawing Room
Casual Game Room, photobooth (Blake House)
Tell us about your coop in 1 minute
More involved Game Room
Matt and Abi for the more involved game room
Among Us (sci-fi game)
Multiple drink rooms
Some kind of protocol to stop rooms becoming podcasts. Basically, every time it goes across 4 people, make a new room
Win a prize if you go to the most rooms

Bottle of whisky
Subscription to revolver coffee
Coop vouchers (Leo)

Prize Categories
Most creative backdrop, with stuff already in your house
Most rooms visited
Most cooperative person
Must be 2 people
Winner of involved Game room
Best naming of own Room
guess the secret theme of one of the rooms
Best drawing

- come up with name(s) for fun circle room(s)
- have a more robust idea of which rooms are being requests for the general circle call on the 31st


@KingMob @Kayleigh would you like to run the fun on both afternoons/evenings or on Friday only?

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hey @KingMob who do I owe a bottle of whiskey?


I don’t think we managed to get virtual backgrounds working, so you’d be rewarding whoever has the nicest house.

I would instead vote to give @simon.blakehouse 's friend Roberto the prize, for providing the best virtual experience of meeting a mischievous spirit


Does anyone have screenshots from that spectacular gig? Thinking of updating the wiki page with some pics…

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Roberto sends his regards :new_moon_with_face:

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Can you put me in touch with him to get his address @simon.blakehouse or send it to me in a DM? Also HIIIIIII!!!