Front-end / Full-Stack developer (Good Praxis, London)


We need the help of a front-end or full-stack developer to join us at our office in Finsbury Park. We’re a small team and you’ll be working alongside the four co-op members: Maciej (developer); Igor (developer); Mo (business); Chris (designer). You’ll report to Lead Developer, Maciej. You can read a bit about him and our co-operative model here.

What’s needed

Must haves:

  • Good knowledge of
    • JavaScript (ideally experience with React)
    • CSS and HTML
    • Good knowledge of git

Nice to haves:

  • Experience with
    • Node.js or Python
    • TypeScript
    • Dev-ops

Key areas of responsibility:

  • Writing clean, understandable and well documented code by following collectively agreed upon standards and rules
  • Taking your code through code reviews
  • Participating in tech planning sessions and helping in the creation of technical design documents
  • Keeping track of tasks at hand and communicating progress to the rest of the team
  • Writing unit and end-to-end tests

Soft skills and personality traits we’re looking for:

  • Good at describing functionality, tasks, issues
  • Comfortable working in an agile environment
  • Great at collaboration and teamwork
  • Generally friendly and empathetic

If you’d like to have a chat about this vacancy, please get in touch:

About Good Praxis

Good Praxis is a workers-owned digital cooperative based in London, UK. Established in 2019 to build creative and thoughtful work, it’s important to us to respect our communities and support causes that could make a lasting change. We believe in being socially-aware, considerate and fair to everyone involved. In the past, our members have worked in both the corporate and NGO sectors.

We use the Django Code of Conduct when working with each other and collaborators.

Good Praxis is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to inclusion and diversity. We currently run our job ads through one bias decoder. We value continuous improvement, so please let us know if you have any suggestions for making this job ad better.


This is exciting that you’re looking to grow! If you’re interested in collaborating with us on any projects that would be very cool, we’ve got extra capacity rn - I’ve sent ya a message :grin: