Freelance Quality Assurance Tester Available

Hi Everyone,

We’ve been working with a guy called Andy Harper for about a year now - he’s currently available for about 1.5 days a week for Quality Assurance Testing.

His perm role is Test Analyst, doing manual testing with a small amount of automation testing. He works for Central Co-op (25 years service, 5 in systems testing), and has been working with me testing the membership app we’ve built for them, as well as their internal membership systems and store testing on their tils / self checkouts.

This would be on a freelance basis, without any involvement from Co-operative Web. I’m just posting to see if there would be any need for him in any other of your wonderful co-operatives.

Hey Melissa, thanks for sharing! Yeah I think we’d be interested in something like this potentially. Would you be happy to make an intro? My email is

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