Free 3D CAD training for anyone based in the Olympic boroughs

If you are based in one of the Olympic boroughs, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Newham, and Walthamstow, then there’s a set of LLDC-funded courses in CAD, AR/VR, Lasercutting, and 3D printing starting in February.

The organisations involved are Hobs 3D, a 3d-printing bureau, and, Ravensbourne College.

Application form can be found here,

Just bumping this.

I’m mostly aiming this at any of the Space4 co-op’s that are based in Hackney, as they will directly qualify for this course, but if you know any residents of Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Newham, and, Walthamstow, they’ll be able to take part.

In the middle of sorting out the written work for Thursday’s deadline. :smiley:

As there’s usually a 4-5 week turnaround between the end of one class, and the start of the next, the next cohort of the class should start in the first week of March.

I’ll get the exact dates and drop them here, but if you would like to take part, then apply sooner rather than later. :smiley: