Fractals Co-op would like to join CoTech (please vote before Sept 14)

Hi All,

fractals coop are looking to join Cotech! A Loomio poll has been set up, voting will expire at 17:00, Sept 14th 2022.

A bit about fractals, their member Oliver Bates describes their ethos below.

fractals co-op is focused on working with communities to make radical social change and build new worlds. We don’t offer off-the-shelf solutions. Instead we co-produce with communities, remixing, learning and adapting as we go. We only develop new tech and digital services when they’re really needed. We are tech developers, researchers, service designers, storytellers, graphic designers, games designers and facilitators who are interested in future visioning, critical design and policy change.

You can see their articles of association in the attached PDF.
Articles.pdf (186.9 KB)

Here’s the vote for fractals coop: Loomio Link


Excited to say that fractals co-op are now members! :tada: