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I want to expand intercooperation and improve the visibility of Brazilian technology cooperatives on the internet.

I thought of forking the repository and I would like to know what you think of this possibility of a fork.

The idea is to fork the structure and design and reference


I think that would be fine, the only thing that I think it would be appropriate to change would be the logo, it would be odd to see another group using the same logo, we don’t have a license for the current code base, we did for the last one (the GPL, matching the license of the upstream project, WordPress), I have opened an issue for this but it might be a while, if ever, before we have time to address it.

Have you see the site for FACTTIC? That might have more features worth copying:


Will it be migrated to WordPress?

No, sorry for the confusion, it was originally build using WordPress and was then copied and migrated to Jekyll.

The only problem with static website with Jekyll is that it does not have a graphical interface for those who do not know git.

In Brazil there is no such thing as or FACTTIC. I’m starting here in Brazil in an initiative similar to that of that I admire too much.

I know, that is why it took a long time for the decision to be made, you can read this thread and this thread for the history of this decision.

Solidarity and best wishes for this project, feel free to use the international solidarity category to ask for anything that we can help with.


In order to re-license the website code, I pulled the list of all the contributors and made a list at here

Please comment on the thread if you are happy for the relicensing to go ahead and check your name off (not sure if you will have permission, but don’t worry if not).

This applies to @james, @chrislowis, @Lucy, @harry, @chrisroos, @stephen, @edmaw, @martinburchell, @RichardE, @SzczepanOfAnimorph (well,, … I have max 10 mentions per post allowed, so I’ll add a few more in another post…

This topic is important for me to ensure that our contributions are properly licensed for the commons to enable initiatives like this to easily build on our efforts. It’s also a good reminder to set up licensing at the start of a project :wink:

I’m not very involved in cotech stuff lately, but as a contributor to the website it’s a small thing I can do!

(Also, hi to all the people!)


… also applies to @Mateus, @alex, @calummackervoy, @finn, @gemmacopeland, @matt, @stephenreid (and a few other people I can’t see on this forum).

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You may want to just use the WordPress version which @chris mentioned: (which also had the right licence already).

We switched to make it easier for people to add code, but the downside is it’s made it harder for people to add new content.

The front-end of the website is pretty much the same for both publishing systems.

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I like the static version for open source projects because is possible see the code and data. When use WordPress, the database is private and access to post a new content is restrict only for registered users, this is a problem in my opinion.


Follow up status on being able to open source the cotech website!

Progress is at 44% (12 / 27 checkboxes have been checked).

Remaining people that need to check it progress are:

Thanks! (I have just one mission within cotech now :wink: )

… oh and the link, to save you scrolling up -->

Update: I crossed out the people that have checked it now (as of 2020/11/05 2020/11/19).


ubuadmin is my account, happy to tick it off


I’m quite tenacious, and I think we got all the people that are likely to respond to this thread, so my next step to reach the long tail is I’ll be phoning people up, yup, good ol’ fashioned telephone :phone: ring ring

(…don’t make me have to go to the next step and cycle over to you, although that could be nice too :wink: )


It turns out I did not have the motivation to phone people yet… was a nice idea. But forgot how scary phones are, and I have plenty of other things to do too :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m not giving up!

Still waiting for agreement from:

What you have to do

If you don’t have an account on


  • create one! it explains how at the bottom of Sign up · GitLab, or @chris might be able to help you out
  • just write a message on this thread something like this: “I agree to license all my past contributions to the CoTech website as GPLv3. Signed-off-by: Full_name my_real@mail.address“ (should be sufficient…) - be sure to check the email addressed use for the contributions, it’s listed on the issue → No license for this code (#60) · Issues · cotech / website · GitLab