First UK social care platform co-op seeking tech jobs

Hi everybody.

Recruiting Lead Developer and UX Designer (

Have been busy, starting to properly resource our team to launch the Equal Care Co-op platform in social care. It’s amazing (busy, very busy) and very exciting that we’re finally in a position to make good on the aspiration to develop a platform-based, democratically-owned piece of technology that has very strong potential to do excellent things in the world of care and support. And, just possibly, maybe, do our bit to turn uk platform co-ops from something more than just a curiosity into a thriving, diverse, sector that can attract and grow the kind of collective power we need to get big social change to happen.

And now we need tech people (we always needed tech people, but now we have capacity to actually pay them). We really, really, really want to get designers and developers from the world of co-operation rather than straight-up ‘health-tech’ or - tbh - many of the other zones of tech development. But, with tech recruitment being tech recruitment, we can’t afford to be picky. Hence this post to CoTech folk before we do the whole big recruitment push to the tens of dozens of websites dedicated to this sort of thing. And because it feels like the right human beings for us are just within reach and so much closer than we think.

The reason for wanting a co-operative technologist is not just because there’s just sooooo much to explain to someone who has had no experience of co-ops but it’s also because we need the co-operation to be part of how the platform is created as well. Can’t just do the whole ‘silicon valley, fail fast, break things’ piece (I have feelings about that, best expressed in the pub). We’re building a piece of technology that moves power into different places, that structures roles differently, that makes information usually only available to higher echelons of management visible to all members in order to make collective decisions about data sharing, money, strategy and responsibility. No one understands that aim more than people who know about the purpose of co-ops and why on earth they exist. Co-operation has to be in the digital DNA of the Equal Care platform - you just live it, breathe it and learn it simply by participating in it.

SO, if you know developers, UX designers, or if you are one of those things, take a look at our website for the role descriptions (we do quite detailed ones, they’re super-flexible). Please apply, even if you do that thing that most people do with job descriptions and go, ‘oh I don’t have that one thing, so I won’t bother’. You can email the email address or get me direct at to arrange a chat.

It would fill us all with joy to get people on our platform team with direct co-op experience and understanding (it really does save the whole “seismic point of view shift” process, which can take time). Please treat this post as a massive big wavy welcome hello flag to all you developery designery co-opy people.

In short, hi!


hey @emma! This sounds so exciting, congratulations :slight_smile: would you have any interest in working with an agency, or are you set on hiring someone in house? If you’d be open to it then we’d love to chat more, it sounds like the kind of project we’d be really happy to be working on - just send me a message if you’d like to talk. Otherwise, I’ll send it around to anyone I can think of who might be interested, what a great opportunity.


Hey @emma really good to see you posting on the forum :slight_smile: I just wanted to give you a big high five for keeping the ethos across the project, and coming to CoTech to open the convo. Lots of suppliers don’t really give it a second thought, but in reality the only way that we exist is because people come to us for business.
In solidarity :fist:t3:


Thank you Kayleigh! And hi to Lucy too - our big preference is to build digital capability within our team rather than via agency working. So we’re doing a recruitment push to get our lead dev in with a plan to recruit more junior roles after that. If it proves impossible to find people then we’ll look again at the agency route.

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@emma totally understood and I wish you the best for it! I have suggested it to someone, who is interested but unsure about if there’s much point in applying for it as a remote role - what would your feedback be on that? Also @sofer I wonder if any FAC graduates would be interested (I already sent it to Elias), particularly regarding the junior roles that will be coming up at some point down the line?

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Remote roles are welcome, probs with a bimonthly trip to Halifax and then monthly after that depending on how smoothly things progress! We use vc a lot so all good on that front.


If you need a tester in remote - give us a shout? I can do ad-hoc, work as and when there is work, or up to about 30 hours a week… whichever makes most sense. And regardless of that - very well done to all involved. Congratulations and happy set sail to all.

Thanks Ivana! We’re actually about to start hiring again as are seeking a back end developer and will publish this role very soon…