Fediverse, ssb and alt-social media account share thread

Share whatever you feel like for alternative social media stuff you’re hanging out in :slight_smile: Would be cool to see what you are all up to. Maybe also something to share via the newsletter so people know where to find coop people. No twitters, facebooks and the like for this thread :stop_sign:

Here I am on the fediverse. I lurk SSB a bit and am down to share my profile via DM.

Also here is Autonomic.

Fediverse info: https://joinmastodon.org/
SSB info: Introduction | Scuttlebutt


Dear Friends:

In response to this post, may I point to the following [Open Access] article, that deals with mainstream and alternative social media:


I am the founding co-editor of MGDR, and would love to see further discussion on this topic in our e-pages [which are in the ‘digital commons’ domain… not commercial]

Nik Dholakia


I’m on James (@jarofgreen@mastodon.online) - Mastodon

I also have a side project continuing my work on event discovery, listing and open data which I’m working very slowly on (because … gestures around) but it’s using ActivityPub - you can find more at http://www.theoccasionoctopus.net/


I do not know enough, but I do have an XMPP account and would happily join a public coop.tech group!

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I’ve recently joined Mastodon Ben Webb (@bjwebb@mastodon.me.uk) - mastodon.me.uk.
I’m also on matrix @bjwebb:matrix.org

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This used to be a thing! It was at cotech@public.office.coops.tech but I see it now offline? Nobody was there anyway but I’d be totally down to lurk it or a public Matrix room perhaps? I also lurk IRC haha…anyway, some community owned chat infra would be cool. Where do people lurk?

EDIT: Seems this is as far as we got: Infrastructure and Communication - CoTech

Hey, I made Experimental CoTech self-hosted matrix room but I know people are lurking in other places on the web and it would be cool to know about those too! A listing of sorts for where to find different coops. I know people are on IRC, XMPP, Matrix and so on…might be nice!

Yes, we did have Nextcloud JavaScript XMPP chat app installed and enabled in the past, but it wasn’t being used as far as I’m aware so I think I removed it when I updated the server to Debian Buster last summer.

We now have a Hubl XMPP server I believe, is anyone using it? Perhaps subject this is worth having a chat about at the call the day after tomorrow?

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Hey all, I’ve been in various places on the Fediverse over the last four years, currently I’m here:

˗ˏˋ Doug Belshaw ˎˊ˗ 💥☠️✊: (@dajbelshaw@fosstodon.org) - Fosstodon

I spent a couple of years (up to May last year) designing and building a federated social network for educators, so I’m really interested in this space :slight_smile:


Thanks for starting this thread :tada: following everyone on Mastodon, and cool projects!

I’m also on Mastodon (calum (@calum@fosstodon.org) - Fosstodon)

& I also have a project to share :grin: http://multi-user-domain.github.io/

it’s very early days but the page will explain more… the objective is to build a platform for open text-based adventure games, or alternatively a community of virtual worlds for players and web crawlers to explore and interact with


are yous aware of the Solid Community Forum?

do others agree that it might be helpful to keep up a semantic web conversation within CoTech? We could start a chat on Hubl or the CoTech Matrix?

Is there something we could achieve at the online gathering in April?

ooh, I’d love a conversation around semantic web, particularly if it included semantic wikis…