Examples of cooperatives working with tech cooperatives?

I looked at the client list of CoTech and noticed that the only two big coops that were in the list were Midcounties Co-operative and the Phone Co-op. Dublin Food Co-op was the only other coop I could find in the list. I might have missed something and apparently the list is not totally up to date.

    1. What sort of work did CoTech members do for Midcounties Co-operative, Dublin Food Co-op and the Phone Co-op?
    1. Are there other examples of other co-ops buying services from tech coops (in the UK or the world in general)?

Also, feel free to generally discuss how big coops could use Principle 6 to support tech coops.

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Webarchitects Co-operative hosts quite a few co-op websites, email and Nextcloud servers, I think the issue is that it isn’t always clear which clients on www.coops.tech are actually co-ops, looking at the Webarchitects page:

  1. Birmingham Bike Foundry are a co-op, we host their WordPress site.
  2. We did host the Carbon Co-op Drupal site but they have recently moved to a Siteground, non-coop hosted, WordPress site.
  3. We host the WordPress site for The Community Music Co-operative (not listed on CoTech site yet).
  4. We host email, Nextcloud and provide Debian laptops for the Co-operative Assistance Network, they are also members of our co-op.
  5. We provide DevOps services and hosting for two virtual servers for The News Co-op, we are members of their co-op and they are members of our co-op.
  6. We host the Co-operatives London WordPress site.
  7. We are members of and host the wiki for Co-operatives UK.
  8. We did host the Dublin Food Co-op Drupal / CiviCRM site (this is an archived copy we still host), but they are now using a commercial WordPress host.
  9. We host the WordPress site for Greenwich Co-operative Development Agency.
  10. We provide a Nextcloud server for INCA (not listed on CoTech site).
  11. We provide email hosting, WordPress hosting and a Nextcloud server for the Leeds Bread Co-op.
  12. We have a ongoing VPS exchange in place with Mayfirst.
  13. We provide two managed virtual servers for mc3 for hosting multiple WordPress and Drupal sites (including sites for other co-operatives, this is not listed on the CoTech site).
  14. We host email and the WordPress site for Organic Lea.
  15. We host the Principle 5 - Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre WordPress site (they are missing from the www.coops.tech site).
  16. We host email and the Drupal site for R-Eco.
  17. We did host various Regather WordPress sites but they switched to commercial hosts and I think the only one left is Green Homes Sheffield.
  18. We did host WordPress sites for Scottish Communities Finance and the Scottish Community Re:Investment Trust until they migrated to the commercial server used by their web developers.
  19. We did host a static website for the Sheffield Co-operative Development Group but they recently switched to the commercial Wix platform (not listed on the CoTech site).
  20. We host the Sheffield Renewables WordPress site and their email and lists.
  21. We provide a sub-domain for the Sheffield Student Housing Co-op web site.
  22. We provide GitLab hosting for the Social.coop (not listed on the CoTech site), they joined our co-op for this.
  23. We provide email and WordPress hosting for the Solidarity Economy Association.
  24. We provide email hosting for Somerset Co-opeative Services and we are members of their co-op and they are members of our co-op (they also wrote our rules, we haven’t yet listed them on the CoTech website).
  25. We host the Sound Bites WordPress site.
  26. We provide GitLab hosting for the the Tech Support Cooperative (not listed on the CoTech site) via git.coop, they joined our co-op for this.
  27. We host the Unicorn Grocery WordPress site.

I don’t think this is a complete list, I’m sure we have clients we haven’t listed on the CoTech site, also we have worked with several CoTech co-ops on projects, the main ones being mc3, Outlandish and Agile.

We would love and could do with more work from others co-ops, they are generally some of the best clients to work with.


Exactly the sort of stuff I was looking for, thank you very much!


Hi Leo,

I hope you are well.

So we work with Midcounties supporting some of their internal systems. Co-op Web was actually born out of Midcounties 13 years ago, we used to be an internal team that MCC allowed to spin off into our own Co-op and we’ve kept a good relationship ever since. Our Articles actually state that we can call on a non-voting board member to join from MCC if we feel we need support or direction.

We did also go through the procurement process of Co-op Group as a link for the Co-Tech, however nothing has really come from that yet.

We are also talking to Central England, as they are keen to learn more about Co-Tech and work with other Co-ops in general, but this is very much an in-progress discussion.

Apart from that we’ve had the odd project with out Co-ops, but nothing major so far. We did a POC for ICA some years ago, but this didn’t really go anywhere.

Hope that helps!


Exactly the sort of stuff I was looking for! Thank you very much.

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Great info on webarchitects clients. Thoughts on defining a simple spec and making this available via each coops domain? Like a http://example.coop/techcoop.json file?

Could have details on clients and services offered, and metadata about what sorts of clients, etc. less need to keep a central website up-to-date; maybe more delegated. Could just aggregate, and each coop could render their own website from this. (Says the person about to redesign a website, for which this would be minimal burden :wink:)

Inspired by g0v.json / civic.json formats: https://github.com/BetaNYC/civic.json

EDIT: happy to spin into new thread if seems interesting, but otherwise might let it lie here :slight_smile:

EDIT2: https://schema.org/Corporation (note that Corporation and NGO exist as subtype of Organization schema, but nothing for Cooperative)