Evening entertainment at Wortley Hall

A very good friend of mine, who is based very near Wortley Hall, is an excellent DJ and is potentially available for the Tuesday or Wednesday night, would people be interested in him coming and spinning some tunes for us and if so which evening and are there any requests?

Thanks for suggesting him, Chris, it’s an interesting idea. Do you know what he charges?
I’ll check with Wortley Hall about this as I’m about to call them now…

The rates on his site:

“£30 Booking fee then £25 per hour. Minimum hire 3 hours”


If Webarchitects picked up the cost for this awesome DJ which evening, Tuesday or Wednesday would be best, I assume Wednesday unless there are other plans in place?

That sounds great. Wednesday night makes sense to me too.

I’m not aware of any other plans so Wednesday evening sounds good to me,

@chris thanks for the offer, that’s very kind of webarch. Wednesday sounds like the night.
When I spoke to Wortley, they said they’d need a few things like public liability etc - are you OK to follow up with them directly?

Sure, no problem, I’ll give them a call.

If I understood them correctly they need a public liability certificate and PAT.

Sounds about right - have you managed to book him yet or still working on it @chris?

Not heard back regarding the public liability certificate and PAT testing.

The public liability certificate and PAT testing isn’t a problem :+1:

So the big question is are there any requests? What kind of music do we want, I suggested some things people would want to dance too (even though I’m not much of a dancer…)…

Please post your requests in this thread!

Perhaps it’d be best to get a sound system with a 3.5mm jack hanging loose so that people can plug their devices? Since we are co-operatives it should go smooth, personalisation guaranteed!