Ethical Careers Fair and Conference at SOAS

Would you like to be part of London’s biggest ethical careers fair?

New Internationalist are hosting our first Ethical Careers Fair and Conference in collaboration with SOAS Student Union on the 25th April 2018, 11am -5pm at SOAS, London.

The aim of the conference is to explore the quality of work today, by staging a range of panel discussions on the various challenges and flaws in both the private and public sector. Sessions will explore what’s ethical and what’s not, focusing on the gig economy, the gender pay gap, wage stagnation and cooperatives and featuring a range of progressive journalists, academics and activists.

In highlighting problems, it’s crucial we show students that there is an alternative. As an ethical organisation, we would love for you to exhibit at the event and talk to students about what you do and the opportunities you offer. Far from being a sideshow to the conference, the careers fair will be the main event with an anticipated footfall in the thousands.

Students from every academic discipline from London’s 40 different universities will be attending the event. With more and more research showing that young people seek careers with meaning, this is a rare opportunity to help fulfil that dream.

We charge £50 + VAT to exhibit at the event. If you would like to host a stall fill in the online booking form here

Agile Collective have agreed to get a stall and send me. I’d really like to do this under the CoTech umbrella so am wondering if anyone would be interested in joining me?


Sounds good, I just checked why the link has a broken image and it looks like Discourse should check metadata like this:

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Hi people,

Is anyone interested in doing this with me / Agile Collective?

@Mateus we did have some CoTech fliers etc, could we use them for the event? We’d be happy to review and update them to reflect current reality…


Hey all,

I’d be keen to come and represent. Calverts can print any necessary materials for the event.

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Hey Aaron!

Yeah, i got heaps of CoTech flyers printed and i think we still have a fair few at outlandish HQ. I also got a roller banner made, which you can take along with you.

Think the last update was in Oct 2017 for the Practitioners forum so not that out of date but can package up the InDesign file if you want to update it and get new ones printed.

Let me know.


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@rpowell that would be awesome for lots of reasons, thanks for offering. Could we have a quick chat this week? My number is 07728337459

Hey @Mateus !

Great stuff, the roller banner would be great and please do send over the InDesign file - we may want to tweak things slightly for the specific event.


Great – I will call you this afternoon if possible. We can also update the InDesign doc if needed.

Speak soon,


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@SzczepanOfAnimorph @Ieva_BlakeHouse or anyone else fancy coming along too? We are thinking 3 people would be a good number, and it would be nice to represent different types of cooperative too…


Yes please, how do I sign up?

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@Ieva_BlakeHouse great! I think @aaron is making the booking, we just need to keep the date free

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great @Ieva_BlakeHouse ! we are paying for the stall so nothing else needed to do except turn up!

Rowan is going to review the InDesign file that mateus sent over and look at adding some more love and we may update the copy as well.

I suggest we have a group chat after Easter to review things and check we have everything we need…

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Hey everyone,

The careersa fair is tomorrow and Rowan and I will be representing CoTech there. Sadly, Ieva has had pull out so if anyone woud like to pop along and be part of it then let me know via email: Doesn’'t have to be for the whole day - it starts at 11am and runs til 4ish, I think.



Hey Aaron, Rowan!!!

Hope all is going gooood. We’ve run out of CoTech leaflets here at Outlandish so wondering if you have spares from your last run, or if i can get the updated file from you and get more printed? Rowan can we arrange to get them printed at Calverts? Let me know.


Hey Mateus,

We’ve got some here, perhaps a couple of hundred, how many did you want in total? I will see if Penny from Calverts can drop them off to you one day this week, unless you’re passing by at all.
Hope you’re well!


Ah that would be super handy if she can / don’t mind. We’ll take as many as you can spare that would be great, we’ve done 2 runs of 500 and managed to shift them and i thought it might be good to get rid of any old ones kicking around before we have to do another run with the member logos / stat updates :wink: