Ethical Banking for Co-operatives


Can’t remember where I read it first but here’s a recent news article about it.

If a lot of coop/solidarity/community/mutually owned businesses would be early adopters of their business accounts and would somehow coordinate together, there could be room for cooperation between the mutual giant and the smaller, newer similarly owned enterprises. I wouldn’t be surprised if they would like to become the “go to” bank for such ventures.

What should they do to be more beneficial enterprises like coops than other banks? That’s a big question I don’t have an answer. It might however be a question worthy of some collective thought exercises in the more “grassroots”/“new generation” coop movement like CoTech.

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Yes @shaun I just saw your reply! Sorry about that

I did anyway! The head of customer experience is very interested in talking to you. They know it’s bad and they want to make it better. Can I pass him your details?

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Yes please, thanks for mentioning us.

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This is possible within the society portal. Where a previous annual return has been submitted to the system, an additional button will be displayed that allows you to use the previous submission.

This would only possible where the previous annual return had been submitted and gone through the whole process, which is why it wasn’t available in your scenario.

I assume this is the same for Companies House, as unsure how else they would get this data to start with.

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Thanks for the constructive feedback. I can see the benefit of this and will bring it up in my next discussions with the FCA. If you have anything else, feel free to let us know


Sadly they’ve now scrapped those plans, see:

So now I think the best currently widely available option is now Starling Bank, see my recent post on the other thread about all this for reasons why:

We went with co-op bank in the end and it’s been ok. The support over the telephone was very good. The web UI is a bit slow. Will report back if any problems.