Enjoy the Seeking Abundance Blog Post Series

Excited to pop this here! A blog post series called Seeking Abundance: Life Affirming Community Tech and bit of co-created research I’ve been pulling together with incredible Global Majority tech justice practitioners over the last few months, powered by Promising Trouble.

We’ve been publishing one blog a week for the last 4 weeks and today it’s a blog post all about RESOURCING :seedling::earth_americas::mushroom::stuck_out_tongue:

What Does Being Resourced Look and Feel Like?

Please do read, engage, enjoy, share! This is a conversation that’s relevant to all of us and I encourage you to enjoy the other blogs in this series. :pray::skin-tone-4:


Thanks for sharing this. I got the most out of blog post 3, I think the list of examples clarified a lot more about whether community tech was a dream/manifesto or something already existing.

Here’s a link to that one for other people:

It sounds like it was a great workshop! I work on a tool related to Element, the open source org chat option you’ve listed there. I really like the technology but asking people to use it sometimes feels like I’m telling them to eat their vegetables, you know? The big players don’t spend loads of cash for UX for no reason.

I also think that, (for want of a better word) “normal” people find it difficult to care about open source. I wonder if looking at previous supply chain movements like fair trade coffee might be worth doing.

Looking forward to the summary post!

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