Embracing data is key to the future of unions

If found this article interesting. I also wondered if it might lead to some work for Co-tech members. Of course, it sounds as if it’s at very early stages, and who knows where it will go. If anyone talks to Unions21 about this, it would be interesting to hear more…

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I couldn’t agree more, although I think they need more than just a desire to use data - they need the skills, infrastructure, apps, etc.

I recently suggested that unions need to co-ordinate their approach to digital much more https://outlandish.com/blog/a-call-for-the-creation-of-a-trades-unions-digital-service/ and am organising an event for trade union activists/employees that want to see that happen.

I’m organising an event about it for trade union employees/activists so if you know anyone please shout.

UNIGlobal seem to be leading some of the most exciting initiatives around machine learning/data/etc: http://www.thefutureworldofwork.org/