eLife Sciences Hack

We’ve been contacted by a group call eLife Sciences who are hosting a hack on September 4th-5th in Cambridge. The mission is to make science publishing more democratic and accessible.

Looks like it could be quite a cool project, and I’ve said I’ll help them promote it (my understanding is that they have a fair few academics, not so many technologists). It would be great if a few CoTechers could represent!

People need to register (apply, but I get the impression it won’t be mega competitive), by June 2nd.

You can see the information here.


I’ve done some work with this organisation a couple of years back. Great people. They are at the forefront of the debate about science publishing, and the damaging effects of the traditional model.

Is the cost available online please? I couldn’t find it.

The screens I saw were asking detailed questions - to submit ideas up to beta stage, and to assess people’s competence