Hi all,

I’m currently looking into the Enterprise Investment Scheme/SEIS and Social Investment Tax Relief.

Does anyone know if coops are compatible with such schemes - or know of guidance for these schemes?


They are compatible it depends on the activity there is a simple list online that you can look at? There are companies that charge a fee for consultancy.

Hi @jamesmoulding,

All the experts on using all these tax-breaks for co-operative and community enterprise can be found on the Community Shares Practitioners list (which I’m on). If you send me a more specific request I can forward it on :slight_smile:

In the meantime, check out the relevant sections of the Community Shares Handbook:

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Hi James
Some co-ops are eligible.
It depends 1) on the legal model (ie you must be able to buy shares in the co-op) and 2) on the activity (for example co-op pubs that receive rent from a tenant are not usually eligible).
Ask the Community Shares Unit.

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