Does anyone (or worker coop) help large scale worker coops?


Is there anyone with experience with helping large scale worker cooperatives?

I am getting to know worker coops in Japan with thousands of members and I just would like to know if there are best practices we could learn from anywhere in the world.

Because of their sheer scale, nothing seems simple - be it paper work reduction, fax machine replacement, virtual desktop (VDI), messaging systems, file-sharing (NextCloud / GSuite)

Hi Yasuaki, what kinds of problems are you trying to solve? Are you a member or working as an outside consultant?

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It’s very informal right now but I have been in touch with this large Japanese worker coop (10,000+ worker/owners in sectors such as child care) primarily through their think tank for a few years since I explored the possibility of starting an “IT coop” 3 years ago.

Now with the coronavirus shaking up the society, I thought now would be the time to seriously explore again.

So with this context, they have started to share with me the kind of IT problems/opportunities they have.

I used to work for a big investment bank that ran enterprise-wide Python platform used for development of all sorts of internal systems with thousands of programmers committing something every second.

This probably won’t be directly applicable to this huge worker coop but I thought something similar in principle might be very useful.

I then started to learn about NextCloud, etc and thought maybe a large worker coop can develop various internal process improvement software somehow independently in various parts of the organization while sharing a federated platform, perhaps based on NextCloud, Python, etc

Sorry it was rather long but that’s where we are right now :smile:

The Pltform Coop Consortium collects informations about worlwide Coop activities as an alternative to platform capitalism. Look e.g. at:

Jan-Peter from the german coop hostsharing eG