Does anyone have experience of running user testing with people with disabilities?

Hey peeps, I am working on a project with a group of eight different charities with varying needs and beneficiaries.

We’ve been running one masterclass per sprint based on a specific theme. I’m looking for speakers who have experience running user testing with people with disabilities and neuro diversity. Someone helpfully pointed out to me that sitting users down in front of a computer and asking them scripted questions is not accessible to everyone.

It’s a paid gig :slight_smile: please get in touch with me if you have any info

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Hey Kayleigh!

You’re off to a wonderful start by mentioning payment upfront :slight_smile:

I’ll share this post in my circles. Can you suggest how people can respond without signing up for this forum? (Email?)

Also, small thing that I only say aloud bc it’s very commonly missed: maybe it’s different elsewhere, but in Canada, I know it’s a common little slip for allies to use the term “disabled people”. The preference within that community is “people with disabilities”, as it centres the disability as one aspect of their identity, but with a person at the middle (who may define themselves in other ways). This rule of thumb generally applies across the board for many marginalized groups, e.g. “people experiencing homelessness”, not “homeless people”, etc etc :heart:

Source: Organizing a inclusive civic hacknight every week for a few years, where we socialize these values often, as we have participants and organizers from these experiences.

Deque and Inclusive Design Research Centre would be some of my trusted sources for seeking support or finding people.

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Some other groups that would be worth getting in touch with:

  • Together2012
    They’re a disability Arts organisation based in Newham, run by and for people with a wide range of disabilities/neuro-diversities.
    Originally set up via the LLDC after the 2012 Olympics.
    While they are Newham-based, they work with Disability Arts organisations internationally.
    They may be able to put you in touch with the people that they have worked with.

  • Global Disability Innovation Hub
    Based at the HereEast buildings in the Olympic Park.
    They’re an org set up by a group of London Universities working on hardware/software for people with disabilities.
    They also run international conferences relating to those fields, so may know of the speakers you are looking for.

  • Additude magazine
    They run a magazine about ADHD, and the related/co-morbid conditions.
    It’s based in the USA, so has a very USA-centric frame-of-reference, but as long as you can work with that, then they have experienced speakers who are practicioners in the field, as well as, people who are used to collaborating remotely.
    As long as you don’t mind the USA-centricism, their webinar series is really interesting and useful. ADHD Expert Webinars from ADDitude Magazine
    Most of the webinar’s are run live, with recordings made available later.

Hope that this helps you help us. :smiley:

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thanks @patcon for mentioning the vernacular, it’s still something that I am navigating and useful to be reminded. I have been working with a few different charities and been a bit confused about how they refer to disabilities, it seems we’re not all on the same page yet.

My email address is

PS I amended the post based on your feedback :raised_hands:t4: