Direct Air Carbon Capture systems

More good news for 2022. :smiley:

The Open Air Collective are a group working on Carbon Capture systems for removing CO2 from the atmosphere , for either use as a feedstock, or for storage.

They’ve been having some success in their work, both in their work on developing the Open-Source versions of their hardware, and, in their legislative campaigning in the US.

They ended up drafting the legislation on Low-Carbon Cements for New York City, and, this is going forward to the State of New York, as a way of reducing the CO2 emissions for large cities.

NYC are paying more attention to this as it’s primarily coastal land. :smiley:

More details about the NYC Drawdown project can be found here,

and Open Air Collective’s contribution is mentioned here,

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In conjunction with the Luxembourg branch of the Pirate Party, the Open Air Collective are establshing a Feed-In Tariff for Carbon-Capture systems.

They are currently looking for submissions and comments to the legislative proposals that they are working on.

More details here,

There were a number of energy co-operatives that used the Feed-In Tariff for Solar power to get started.

Using the Open Air Collective’s Open-Source HardWare designs, it would be possible for Carbon Capture Co-operatives to use the Carbon-Capture Feed-In Tariff to get them started. :smiley:

This form of future revenue stream, would make finding financing way easier, and, as it’s an infrastructure technology niche, then running it as a co-operative is the obvious step. :smiley:

( It’s also great to see the Pirate Party is still going strong. :smiley: )