Developer secondment - Open Data Institute / OpenActive

At Open Data Services we’re currently working with the Open Data Institute to support the OpenActive community as they look for ways to move towards a long-term sustainable model for the initiative.

In the short term, the ODI are looking for a developer to help support publishers and consumers of OpenActive data as they implement, and to work on the various software tools, documentation and resources that the initiative maintains. They’ve advertised the job a couple of times, but haven’t been able to find anyone suitable.

They’ve asked us if we would be able to offer someone on a secondment basis through to mid-2022, but we’re fully booked for most of that period - great for us, less so for OpenActive! If anyone in CoTech has a developer going spare for the next few months, please email Tim Hill, or reply here and I’ll happily set up a call or discuss more about what’s required. There might be opportunities for some other mode of engagement than secondment, but a fairly core requirement is that the person’s time is available for an extended period to support people’s enquiries as they come in and be quite responsive. We’re open to ideas!

The tech stack is largely Node and .NET, although none of the stack is so complex that an in-depth knowledge or tons of experience with those is entirely necessary. We’ve got a fair bit of experience with OpenActive and there are some community members who are very familiar with the tech, so there’s a good amount of support available for someone to get up to speed on things, and to call on for trickier problems. There’s a small team at the ODI who support OpenActive, which this person would be joining.

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