Designing the future! Cotech event @SPACE4

:heavy_multiplication_x: :heavy_multiplication_x: Hi everyone :grinning:

Just a gentle reminder about our event this week on Wednesday, and that we hope to see some of you here. We are extremely excited to have organised this event as we feel it’s extremely relevant to what is going around us at the moment.

We will bring together designers who are interested in applying their skills to social issues and building social movements. Join us to hear their thoughts, and discuss the issues at stake.

We’ll be hearing from: :microphone: :microphone:

Gemma Copeland
Gemma is an interdependent digital designer. She is a member of Common Knowledge, a worker cooperative that designs digital tools for grassroots activists. She is also part of the new Designers + Cultural Workers branch of United Voices of the World.

Autonomous Design Group
Autonomous Design Group is an independent collective of designers,
artists and creatives opposed to capitalism and authoritarianism. They
believe that the aesthetic is of vital importance in the terrain of
political struggle; all their designs are available open-source and they
design for a variety of groups

Robbie Blundell
Robbie Blundell works as an interdependent graphic designer.
Through this he has recently been developing and maintaining an assemblage of aesthetics, cooperatives, technologies, identities, communities, politics, friends and cultures. He is a member of Evening Class and previously co-produced Strike magazine.

Julian Siravo & Francesca Farruggia
Julian & Francesca are part of Autonomy_Urban and has been developing a series of de-commodified infrastructures for work, including co-working facilities, SME logistics support services and an infrastructure for the future of ageing and social care. He’ll be presenting the latter of the three, Long Term Care Centres looking at how we can build a home for community care a cooperative nursing.

You can register here

See you on Wed / Maddy

Thanks Maddy, I am looking forward to this one :raised_hands:t3:

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