Design gigs, co-op networking in Switzerland?

Hi folks! :wave: Posting a message from my colleague Ana Luisa, who’s not yet on the forum. I can relay any replies to her, otherwise her email’s at the bottom.

Hello! I’m Ana Luisa a Brazilian graphic designer currently living in Switzerland.

Right now I work at Autonomic and I have a great time working on web design :). Unfortunately, rent and health insurance in Switzerland are expensive, so since I moved here I’m looking for more work, particularly anything that provides Swiss health insurance, or pays wages in Swiss Francs (CHF) directly.

My portfolio is online here: Nextcloud

I’ve recently worked on these sites:

I’m looking for between 20 and 40 hours per week. Ideally it would be nice to work Tuesday-Saturday or Tuesday-Friday to align with my partner’s work schedule.

As well as web design, I also have experience with visual identity development, communications strategy, print production, copy writing and translations (PTBR-EN).

If anyone has any co-op connections in Switzerland or nearby countries, even if they aren’t specifically looking for a designer right now, I’d love to be put in touch!