Decision making - delegation to the monthly call

Point of information: what decisions will be made on the monthly call.

Ahem, sorry, more to follow here #techFail

At the last CoTech meeting in Sheffield we decided that we would empower a committee-style group to make decisions on behalf of CoTech on a monthly call. The next one is 31st July

The June call happened, but not everyone came. @annie kindly took notes which are available here:

One of the things that we decided is that, in order to function, the phone call group needed to have a mandate to make operational decisions. We decided we’d been given that in the meeting at Sheffield and so, in future, are going to make these sorts of decisions regardless of how many people are on the call.

By an operational decision we mean a decision that:

  • Does not fundamentally affect the nature of the organisation (e.g. it’s for worker controlled+owned technology/digital co-ops)
  • Does not directly effect co-ops that are not taking part (e.g. it doesn’t use their branding, cost them money or expose them to unreasonable risk)
  • Is part of the expected activities of CoTech - e.g. organising events, marketing/PR, discussions and other activities to support worker ownership, open and fair technology, etc.

Non-operational decisions (e.g. ones that will be referred back to a wider group) would include:

  • Going against any decisions previously made by the wider group (e.g. changes to the constitution)
  • Carrying out commercial activity directly as CoTech - e.g. a joint pitch branded as “from CoTech”
  • Mandating co-ops to do things they have not agree to - e.g. agreeing that non-participants will contribute time or money beyond what they’ve already committed to

If you’d like to discuss any of this please come to the next call.


Thanks @harry there is a thread for the next call, in three weeks time, at the end of the month, here: