Data analytics/designer

Anyone fit this description?

"I am looking for a good freelance data analytics/designer that can create a one-off dashboard for me in PowerBI (or equivalent).

The project is to a take a fairly chunky dataset and crunch it into some clear visuals to help the client monitor their progress. I can provide guidance on what the visuals should be showing but want someone that can work with me to set up the analysis and visualisations on the platform."

Hit me up if so :smiley:

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Hi Lucy,

While we’re not freelancers, we do deliver both PowerBI and Tableau solutions for a number of our clients and happy to chat through if we can help. Feel free to drop us an email at

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I can help out.
Please check PM.

Sofia G

Here at Cetis LLP we have two people who are very experienced in doing this kind of thing with Tableau. Please get in touch with me or e-mail for more.

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Hey Lucy,
I sent some details.
I would love to help you out . If it is just a small task, don’t really mind just doing it for free even (for the good karma :innocent: )
Have a great day!

Hey everyone, thanks for getting back to me! I’m a little unsure how to handle this now given there are a few people interested - I’m going to intro @Cweb-Nick as he replied first, and if it’s not suitable for him I’m sure he’ll pass it on to the rest of you :slight_smile:

Okay @Lucy you can feel free to reach me out. If that doesn’t work for you.
I will keep in touch.

Best Regards,

Hi Lucy, everyone,

Coming into the conversation a bit late but our cooperative Col·lectivaT provides a spectrum of services related to data science, one of which is the design and development of data visualizations and dashboards. We can handle custom designs through the use of various frameworks in javascripts and python. There is any need for this especially for customization please let us know. You can write me here or simply write to

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